What is Reiki?

Reiki is a complimentary therapy that can lower stress, relieve tension and promote relaxation and wellbeing. People have used it to aid pain, anxiety and sickness.


Reiki is energy healing, spiritual cleansing. 

It’s kinda like a hands off massage. Clients are asked to lie down, relax and get super comfortable. 

The practitioner then feels into the clients aura (energy field) by moving their hands over the clients body. This technique is used to help balance out energy and remove any blockages you may be experiencing. 

Resulting in the client feeling more balanced and aligned.

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1:1 Sessions

1:1 sessions are 50 minutes long of pure relaxation, quiet time and energy balancing.

Emma will lead the session with a short meditation to get the client relaxed, then move into a fully body reiki healing session. 

There will be time left at the end for feedback and questions.

Try the experience for yourself. 

All welcome.

50 minutes - $75 CI

Distance Reiki

Distance healing reiki is like tuning into a broadcast. As I connect to the healing sources of Reiki energy, it creates a divine energy, a union between us both. 

When you are part of one of these sessions the healing energy will radiate from you.


Energy and healing does not exist in this 3D world. It is completely separate form this. This means we can send healing to anyone, anywhere. We can send healing to a persons past, future or present, just as long as the person is willing to receive it. 


30 minutes - $33 CI 


Conducted via Zoom video call or WhatsApp 

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For more information on Reiki workshops or 1:1 sessions, email Emma to find out more.